Sunday, March 1, 2009


kkkkchhhrrrrkkkkk....... Ground Support here, filling you in with some details. The world premier of The Risen Sun, a Huckin Huge Film - in Seattle, was a complete success! Thank you for everyone coming out and saying farewell to the TCE Team and enjoying the film!

So as I sit here in the rain, locked out of the studio (the HH Team truck and "team proper" is a complete junk show after the long weekend)'s been noted:
  • The Columbia Experience successfully loaded all necessary gear and locked down a shuttle to Revelstoke, BC where the mission has officially kicked off.
  • They were able to get across the border....
  • They made it to Revelstoke (see SPOT satellite track)
  • and it seems they have complete the first day of the expedition, making camp just short of Shelter Bay.
  • Here is the project's synopsis vid:

Anyways, Ground Support - over and out. Make sure to stay tuned as we all anxiously await the first real "team contact"......kkkkchhhrrrrkkkktttttt

Cody Howard

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